World Press Photo 2006

World Press Photo Winner 2006

This is the winner of the World Press Photo of the Year 2006 competition. You can view the gallery of winners here. The photograph was taken by Spencer Platt, an American, who shoots for Getty Images. Its a powerful photograph. The young, beautiful girls in sunglasses and the bright red car are in stark contrast to the devastation behind them. The photograph really brings home the feeling that Beirut is a place that could be just like London or New York in different circumstances. The young people in the car look much more familiar to us than a grieving mother or orphan child. It is this familiarity that allows us to relate to these people. The everyday scene of posing young people in a warzone give the photo a sense ofthe surreal and a great deal of impact.

Arturo Rodriguez’s series of photographs of tourists helping African migrants washed up on Tejita beach in Tenerife is probably my favourite of all the winners. The photographs came second in the People in the News photo stories category. Again, the photographs of Western sunbathers with the African migrants exhausted from their hazardous journey are both surreal and instrumental in allowing the viewer to explicitly see people that are usually thought of as an ‘Other’ as people in direct relation to ourselves.

Other work that I particularly enjoyed includes Oded Balilty’s photograph of an Israeli settler in the West Bank. The people in the rear of the photograph look as though they are lining up behind the police as if she is fighting off the whole world, alone. The most powerful photo story is probably Jose Cendon’s harrowing pictures of a psychiatric hospital in Burundi. It won him first prize in the Contemporay Issues categorary.

~ by peterdarch on February 12, 2007.

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