Frieze Art Fair

I went to the Frieze Art Fair today. I went because I was told I had to for uni but I found it more enjoyable than expected, although it was too expensive. There was a buzz about the place you don’t get in a gallery and I didn’t feel out of place or conspicuous by my lack of art cred. It was also enjoyable stumbling on artists work that I liked. Rather than going to a gallery to see Jeff Wall or Gilbert and George or Titian here you recognised the work before you realised who made it

I saw lots of stuff that didn’t really even register but there were quite a lot of pieces I liked (far fewer that I would buy, even if money was not an issue). Highlights were Julien Opie’s looping video piece, David LaChappelle’s huge biblical prints (even though I’m not usually a fan), some Japanese illustrator who’s name I forget and of course the yoga practicing policeman.

They made me take the battery out of my camera and leave it in the cloakroom but there were lots of people taking pictures so I resorted to the cameraphone…


~ by peterdarch on October 14, 2007.

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