Media Storm

MediaStorm takes a magazine style format concerning itself with documentary, current affairs and the human condition. It states that its ‘principal aim is to usher in the next generation of multimedia storytelling by publishing social documentary projects incorporating photojournalism, interactivity, animation, audio and video for distribution across multiple media.’

The website contains a range of stories about such diverse topics as the pressures of office life in the U.S., the trade in rare animals, illegal immigration and drug addiction. Most stories use photography or video or a combination of both, and graphic effects, sound and text are also employed.

MediaStorm is a very well produced site hosting a wide range of well produced stories. Some are innovative takes on popular topics while some look at issues or people forgotten by the majority. I feel it should be applauded for doing what it does so well with relatively little resources, and for showcasing work from talents that may otherwise not gain the exposure they deserve. MediaStorm must pitch itself so as to achieve this exposure with these limited resources and keep its objective and independent ideology. It must be appreciated that whilst the use of this platform to produce stories is relatively new, the actual nature of the content is not. This is indicative of much that is considered ‘new’ in media. While this should certainly be borne in mind, it should also be remembered that it is a valid and indeed natural way for media to develop.


~ by peterdarch on January 20, 2008.

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