Jeff Jarvis wrote in the Media Guardian last week about the new Nokia N82 phone that allows journalists to record events in sound, stills or video and post to the internet immediately. He argues that no journalist should be without such a device and that they will become as important as a pen and notebook used to be. Certainly very interesting and, now my Sony Ericsson K800i is dying, I think I will get one, or one like it. I like the fact that I could have such a versatile tool in my pocket all the time and I can access the internet via WiFi.

As some commentors on Jarvis’s Blog version of the Guardian story suggest, the immediacy of such devices does raise the question of the place of considered investigative journalism. I would suggest there must be a place for immediate snippets posted to the web by these so called mojos (mobile journalists) and more developed stories. To use the notebook metaphor the notes should be gathered together to create coherant stories in the same way a journalist would write a story in a newpaper, for example. It is interesting to see these raw ‘notes’ online but I want to see stories too that draw on all these raw materials. This is particularly so in an age of breaking 24 hour news and RSS newsflashes. We should be wary of letting technology dictate how we tell our stories.


~ by peterdarch on February 18, 2008.

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